‘A Wound needs a Witness’
Maggie- I love writing reading and discovering

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on that subject!

Personally it saddens me when someone feels rejected. Period.

As someone that has been rejected/bullied… most of her life, I always feel for the people that feel out of place, that think that they don’t belong etc… But I really feel heartbroken when I hear stories like that, where a dark-skinned person won’t feel beautiful because of what people say. And in a way I feel guilty because I am a light-skin and people would think that I think that I “fit in” this beauty standard and she doesn’t. But that is not what I think. And that is what I want people to understand also when I say that I don’t like people telling me “you’re not black” it’s because they force me into a separate box. The light-skin box. And it is like they expect me to think that being light-skin is different than being dark-skin, that it is better. You know? They, I don’t know who “they” are to be honest, but they are trying to separate, to divide, to try to see who’s better, who’s worse. When we are all the same and there is no need to feel like you’re different than the person next to you. There is no need to try to make the other person feel like they’re different, feel like they are less than you. And that is why I don’t like people telling me “you’re not black” it’s like they want me to say/believe that I am better because I am “lighter” and so “lighter=better”. When all I want is just be what I am, black not a “better shade of black” you know what I mean? I don’t know it just makes me sad. I just really don’t like people telling others what they are and what they are not. We shouldn’t tell people what they are or what they are not. It is none of our business. The only thing we can for sure say about each others is “you are human” ; “I am human”. That is the only thing that should matter and it’s the only thing that is right to say.

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