The Mandela Effect.

Yesterday, youtuber Shane Dawson posted a video about The Mandela Effect. You’re probably thinking “What the heck is The Mandela Effect?”

I did not know either, prior to watching the video.

Basically, if I understood correctly, it is when a lot of people remember something a certain way but the truth is that this thing never happened or the thing looks/sounds totally different from what people remembers. I know it’s kind of confusing. Believe me I’m confused too.

The term was coined by paranormal enthusiast Fiona Broome, who says she and other people remember Nelson Mandela dying in the 1980s, rather than in 2013. She argues that common memories which appear mistaken could be explained by the existence of parallel universes that are able to interact with each other.

Basically there may be parallel universes or someone that comes back from the future to change something in particular but with it came a few other changes that were not wanted.

You can watch Shane’s video to see him explain some events or things that were affected by The Mandela Effect.

One thing that confused me the most would be the “Sex in the city” one. Or is it “Sex and the city”? I’m pretty sure it is or it was “Sex IN the city” but turns out that it has always been “Sex AND the city”. Never has it been “Sex IN the city”. In the video Shane shows clips of a guy that has bought some “Sex in the city” merchandise back in the days when there was merchandise for it. And sure enough it is written “Sex IN the city” on all products, including parfume bottles with the name engraved in it. Which is weird considering it’s said to have been “Sex AND the city” all along.

After the video I’ve made some researches because I was confused and I wanted to know more. And I have found another thing that confused me. Growing up I remember watching “The Looney Toons”. I’m 99% sure that it is and it was always written “TOONS”. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen episodes where it was written “TOONS”. Well turns out that it is actually “The Looney TUNES” and it has always been “TUNES” and not “TOONS”. This just frustrates me because I’m practically sure that it has always been “TOONS”.

Let me know in the comments what you think about all this. Are you also confused about “Sex in the city” and “The looney toons”? Or do you know any other Mandela Effects that confuses you?

  • Here is Shane’s video:

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