The truth about introverts.

Yesterday I talked about being an introvert although most people might see me more as an extrovert. (Read more here.)

Now, I want to talk about the truth about being an introvert and what that means according to me and things that I’ve read/seen/heard.

As Susan Cain said in her ted talk “The power of introverts”, introverts work best in solitude and quietness. We love getting inside of our own heads and sometimes it might seem as anti-social but it’s not. I love my friends. I love hanging out with them and do all sorts of fun and crazy things and talk loudly and make jokes. But I also love to be alone in my room reading a book or thinking about a new blog idea or a new short-film idea and whatnot. I’ve gotten used to spending time on my own. I’ve gotten used to being alone and now I feel like I’m finally content with it. Sometimes I just need to spend time alone for no apparent reason even if my friends are out and about.

Sometimes I also enjoy not talking. Those who know me in real life see me as this extrovert that is extremely talkative and cannot stop making jokes but believe it or not I’m actually a quiet person at heart. That might be a result of all those years that I’ve spent alone with no friends because I used to be bullied. All my life people would talk about me behind my back or even in front of my face trying to be “subtle” and so I’ve learned to be more of a listener and observer. Sure, I like to talk and make people laugh by telling countless lines of lame jokes but I also know how to observe other people and listen to them. Which usually allows me to see right through people. I can see your ulterior motive a mile away because your body language just gave it away or certain things that you say don’t sound so thruthful.

One time, I went on vacation for one week with my bestfriend. And she accused me of acting like a distant teen that you would bring on vacation and they wouldn’t even talk. Little did she know that I really was not trying to act mad or disrespectful towards her, I was just being the introvert that I am and I was actually enjoying the silence and peaceful state of mind that I was in. I ended up apologizing to her even though I didn’t think that I was doing anything wrong. I guess she was not used to see me so silent and she took it like a direct attack towards her.

“My quiet and introverted style of being was not necessarily the right way to go and I should try to pass as more of an extrovert.” — Susan Cain

Another thing about me is that I listen. A LOT. I have to listen to every side of a story before I open my mouth to talk. I don’t like talking as if I know what I’m talking about when I obviously don’t. I need to listen, then think and then create my own opinion.

Which is what introverts do best: THINK and CREATE.

As Susan Cain said, you should let introverts do what they do best which is thinking and creating and they do that the best when they are able to reflect by themselves.

“When it comes to creativity and to leadership, we need introverts doing what they do best.” — Susan Cain

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