photo by Joshua Earle

Is there such a thing as being afraid to succeed?

You hear it all the time “I don’t want to fail.” ; “I’m scared to fail.” ; “What if I fail?”

But what if you succeed? And what about being scared to succeed?

I know, it kind of sounds ridiculous.

One of my biggest dream is to move to the USA (or just go to the USA to be honest) and this dream might come true soon. I’m excited of course! But what if it really does come true? It’s still pretty scary! It’ll not only be my first time in the USA but also my first move outside of my parents’ home or my home country. It’ll be my first time being 100% on my own. It’s very exciting don’t get me wrong and nothing can make me back down but it’s also scary. I’m going to embark on the biggest journey of my life. The journey I’ve been waiting for since I was a toddler.

What if it’s not what I’ve been expecting my whole life? What if instead of being a success it turns out to be a failure? What if I can’t handle it? So many questions…

People talk about how scared failure makes them feel but success is equally as scary. Even if you’ve dreamed about your success your whole life, you cannot possibly know what’s waiting for you on the other side. Sure, success sounds more exciting than failure but it’s still frightening.

And if you tell me that success doesn’t scare you then you must be a f*cking badass or maybe you’re a robot, I don’t know.

The most important thing that we all need to remember is that even if success and failure scare you, you need to show up and persevere no matter what. Whether it’s a failure or a success, you’ll end up learning something. You’ll end up growing as a person. It’ll fill you with so much knowledge and wisdom. So no matter what happens, you’ll always walk away a winner.

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