There is no shame in where you come from

I just read Jonas Ellison’s post. And I thought that it was time for me to do a proper blog in which I talk about where I come from very clearly.

I did kind of hid where I come from online but not because I was ashamed but rather because I thought it was funny to make youtube videos and have everyone asking me “wait, where do you come from?” because they are confused about my accent. But at the same time I never tried to hide where I come from.

So for those of you who didn’t know, I am from France. Yes, as in “I am French”. Surpriiiiiiiise!

Do I like France? Yes and no. I mean, I enjoy it and I love the friends that I’ve made here. They are the best people that I know and for that I am forever grateful to France. I also like the memories that I’ve made here in France, so many great memories!

But at the same time there are a lot of things that I don’t condone. No disrespect to my country of birth but there are just things that I can’t approve of. Especially when your American friends come to Paris and say “People here are so rude” Or “I’ve never wanted to leave a place so bad” — French people are rude… And that’s making me sad because I am not rude and I don’t want to be associated with the rudeness of others. The truth of the matter is that the stereotype of “French people are rude” is true for most people unfortunately. If you are French and you are one of those not rude people then props to you but most Parisians are rude and because of them, people like my friend come to visit and then leave with bad experiences and they never want to come back. We need to change the stereotype guys! How does it make you feel to have everyone say that WE are rude? It personally doesn’t make me feel good… So please be nice for pete’s sake! That’s one thing that truly makes me ashamed of being French…

But with that being said, I still enjoyed my life here in France and how it allowed me to become the person that I am now. Even though France made me learn the hard way to just be myself despite what other people think, I still love it. Even though I’ve had a lot of failed friendships and a lot of people judging me for being too “weird”, I still love France. And if it was not for the bad experiences I grew up with or the bad people that I encountered, then I wouldn’t be the person that I am right now. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you France! You’ve been really shitty at times but you’re still a big part of me and I am not ashamed of being French. Yes, I’m ashamed of the people that perpetuates the bad stereotypes regarding our country. But I am still proud of being French because I want people to look at French people like my friends and I, and think “People in France are so kind!” — Parce ce que ça c’est la France que j’aime! (Because that’s the France that I love!) No love for the rude people! Sorry, not sorry…

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