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Some men and women will tell you “If women were in charge, things would be a mess” but if you look back at history, wasn’t most of the things that happened made by men? I am not talking about great revolutionary inventions or great discoveries, I am talking about wars, hatred, slavery, rapes, murders etc… It’s ok to want a man in power but what is not ok is to say that if women were to be in power things would be a disaster— Honestly, Isn’t it already? — And how could you possibly know when we never even tried to let a woman be in charge? What if the answers to all of our problems were women all along? We wouldn’t know because we’re too afraid of letting women step up and even women are too afraid to step up. So we leave the power to men just as it has always been for multiple years and therefore things don’t change and we don’t evolve. There are still wars going on and I am sad to say that but there are still an awful lot of hate around the world as we speak and this truly breaks my heart… Look, I am not saying that women are better than men and that we can fix everything, we are not fairy god mothers with magical wands (unfortunately…). I am just asking why can’t WE make a change? Why can’t WE make the world a better place? And why are we not willing to let women be in charge for a change? Let’s see what will happen if women were in power. Why do we have to be perfect housewives raising perfect children? Why can’t we be on the front line and solve problems that are at hand?

There is just one word to answer all of those questions.


We are afraid. We are afraid of the unknown. We are afraid of failing. And as ridiculous as that may sound, we are also afraid of success. What would happen if women succeeded? What would that mean? Would that mean that they are better than men? Absolutely not! No one is better than anyone and no one should aim to be better than anyone. The only thing that we should focus on is to make this world a better place for each and everyone of us here on this earth. It doesn’t matter if you are a boy or a girl, a man or a woman, a child or an adult, if you think that you can make a change then go and make that change! We shouldn’t discourage each other for trying to do good in this world! On the contrary, we should encourage and celebrate those who care enough to actually make a change! Does that mean that because they’re trying to make a change they are better than all of us? Absolutely not! But the thing that we have to realize is that the important thing is not who is better than who and who can fix this or that, the most important part is who is willing to at least try. Who is willing to step up and say “I want to fix this! I might not be able to and maybe I’ll need other people’s help along the way but I am here and I want to try to do something good for all of us” Once we drop our egos and once we stop trying to fight each other about who’s more capable than who, only then will we ALL be more than capable to make a change. It’s not a question of gender or age or race, it is a question of willingness.

Do you care enough to help us fix the world?

If you answered with “yes” then you are more than capable to do so.

So today, I, not only encourage women but I encourage anyone reading this to step up for what is right! We need to make the world a better place more than ever. You don’t have to do something extremely huge or super heroïc, you just have to step up when you see something wrong or just be nice to other people! It’s as simple as that!

Kindness, love and bravery can go a long way!

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