Love the ideas but I don’t think it’s a stupid goal at all.
Jesse Kerema


But I still find it stupid for me personally! Not necessarily for others. I mean, I get the whole point but I don’t get why I should worry about it. I just don’t want/can’t be bothered with numbers. I mean, if I get 5K one day or 10K or even 100K I would be happy and very thankful to my followers but at the same time the numbers don’t bother/worry me that much if I’m making any sense?

I don’t know how to explain it but basically it’s not what truly catches my attention, what matters to me is what I do. I don’t know… I just feel like setting a goal of gaining this amount of followers is a little bit silly to me personally as it is not something that you can really control and also I don’t like to ask “FOLLOW ME I’M TRYING TO REACH THIS NUMBER” I don’t know… it’s a silly thing to say in my opinion and also it kind of sounds like you’re pressing people to do things and I don’t really like that.

If you want to follow me then do so but I can’t pressure people to do it before a certain date because I want to see a certain number on my profile… do you understand what I’m getting at? This is just not me and I can’t be bothered to act this way.

All I’m saying is that eventually people who want to follow me will follow me on their own term and because they want to. Not because I want to reach a certain number before a certain date, and for what? What’s really the reward of getting a certain amount of followers before a certain date? What’s really the meaning behind you saying the sentence “I’m trying to reach 5K before this date. Please follow me.”? I’m a person of meaning so I need to know the meaning of things and in my opinion there really is no meaning/point to all of this. I mean, why do I (or anybody else) have to have this certain amount of followers before this certain date? There really is no reasons why except numbers, except seeing a nice looking number on your profile, you know what I mean? I would rather focus on what I’m doing and focus on the faithful few followers that I have and then be surprised when I reach a certain amount of followers out of the blue than kind of pressuring people to follow me before this date so that I can think “cool I have this number” and then move on like nothing happened.

I might not make a whole lot of sense right now but to me this makes sense haha and it’s how I’d rather do things. But if other people care about numbers and want to reach a certain number before a certain date then they can do so. Everyone can do what they want! But I am just not one of those people, I can’t be one of those people…

Happy New Year to you too!