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We are making the world a more dangerous place than it should be.

Someone on my Huffington Post about Christina Grimmie’s death said “Sooo are you just now realizing that the world is a dangerous place?”

No, Mister. I did not just realize that the world was a dangerous place. Thank you very much. I know that the world is dangerous. I’m not gullible. There are natural causes that can kill us all whenever. So yeah I know that the world is NATURALLY dangerous. But that’s the thing, it should only be naturally dangerous!

But the thing is that human beings are dangerous and they are making the world a more dangerous place than it should be. We are the supposedly more advanced specie. I mean we built aiplanes for pete’s sake. We created engines that can allow people like Stephen Hawking to communicate. Those are only few of the wonderful things that we created. And yet, we are killing each others for no reason, we are bringing each others down, we are judging and pointing fingers… We are a horrible specie. And yes, there are a lot of great souls on this planet, that inspire us and give us hope and positivity. But the dangerous people are the one making the bigger impact. Killing innocent people. Hurting innocent people. Shaming innocent people. Judging innocent people. Threatening innocent people. Not one day goes by where there is not one bad news. Mass shooting. Murder. Rape. Kidnapping. Suicide. Harrassment… etc…

So yes, the world is a dangerous place. But you shouldn’t have to say this as if it was something totally normal to say and that I should have realized way sooner. WE make this world a highly dangerous place, and that is not normal!

I think it is high time that we make the world a better place. Once and for all.

I am very aware that the world is a dangerous place. I have been aware for a long time. My faith in humanity is being destroyed a little bit more every time such horrific events happen. But it is not enough to say that the world is a dangerous place or to warn people that no one is safe. We have to do something! As the supposedly more advanced specie, we should make the world a better and a safer place for the entire human race as well as the other species.

We cannot possibly do something about death, everyone and everything has to die eventually. That is inevitable. But we as humans can control ourselves. We can choose to help each other and love each other. Rather than hating and killing for no reason at all. Everyone has to die at one point, but we have no right to decide when they do.

Christina Grimmie’s murder really deeply broke my heart. It made me sick to my stomach. I cried, not only for her but for her family, her friends, her fans, as well as the whole human race. Surely she was going to die one day, as will I. But no one had the right to make that decision. And too often human beings think that they have this kind of power where they can decide who dies, when and why and this needs to stop. Human beings should stop thinking that they are above everything. That they are better than this person or that person, that they look better than this person or that person, that they deserve happiness and not that person, that they deserve to live and not that person.

Can’t you see? You, we, are hurting ourselves. We are one. We are supposed to be one beautiful entity. But we are ugly, we are. And we suffer the consequences. So it is time that we realize that we all are equally as beautiful and special. That we, equally, all deserve our time on this earth. That we, equally, all deserve happiness and love. No one should be allowed to feel more powerful than the other or better than the other or more deserving of life. We all are deserving of life. And it is high time we all learn to share this gift of life with each other. Let each other live and let each other be.

Be kind. Be true. Be wholehearted. BE LOVE.

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