Hello there strangers! 🙊💙

I just realized that I never properly introduced myself on my blog, so consider this my “about me” post.

Who am I?

Well, my name is Lalaina Rackson (Nice meeting you all!) and I have a very creative mind.

What does that mean?

Well, that means that I always have to create. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been creating.

When I was just 7 or 8, I would teach myself how to dance and create little choreographies that I would “perform” with all of my favorite singers in my tiny little bedroom. Of course, my favorite singers were definitely not in my room! That would have been creepy haha But that didn’t stop my mind from imagining stuff.

Growing up I’ve always had an interest for creativity and Art.

Back in the days — I just want to point out that I said “back in the days” it’s official everyone! I’m an old lady!— So as I was saying, back in the days, I never really understood what it meant to be creative. And to be honest I thought that it was quite frustrating because I thought that I was not normal. I was interested in doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that and oh let me try this too and so on and so forth… It was frustrating because my mind would wander to one thing onto another and next thing you know I would be interested in 5 different things such as singing, drawing, dancing, writing, reading etc… I thought that normal people were only meant to be interested in one thing and then make it their job. If you like to bake then you have to become a baker. If you like children then you should be a teacher etc…

But then a wonderful thing happened to me, I grew up! — *gasp* Has she lost her mind?! — I grew up and I started to understand that the way that I was thinking when I was younger was totally off!

Anyway, the moral of the story is that maybe I am not normal afterall but it shouldn’t make me feel weird about myself.

Throughout my journey, I’ve learned that it was normal to be different/weird/creative. Actually, it is not normal because normal is not even a real word in my opinion, so screw being normal! Let me rephrase all of that: Throughout my journey, I’ve learned that I was different, weird and creative. — Much better!

Now, I look back at all the things that I’ve taken an interest for and I am amazed! Everytime that I create something it fills me with so much joy and I end up being proud of myself for creating such amazing things! Even though some people might be able to do things better than I can, I still think that the stuff that I create is AMAZING! So although it’s not the best, I am still amazed at myself! And honestly, this feeling is the best feeling ever! And I wouldn’t trade it for anything else! I love to be creative and I love creating and most importantly, I LOVE MYSELF! (even if sometimes I’m telling myself otherwise)

Sooooooooo, to conclude this very boring and odd “about me”, all I have to say is that I create. I’m a creator.

I wake up. Create. Sleep. Repeat! (and also eat most of the time😂)

Hopefully you’ll enjoy my daily blogs here on medium, my weekly videos on youtube and my photographs/drawings on instagram.

Even if you don’t enjoy anything that I do, I’ll still be here, creating, because that is what makes me happy!

And hopefully my daily blog posts will also inspire you to be yourself and live your life however is truest to you.


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