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What adults can learn from kids

Adora Svitak is a name that you have to remember. I remember a few years ago, I saw a video of her teaching an online class to adults when she was just a very young kid.

Today, I stumbled upon her Ted Talk where she encourages adults to pay more attention to children and to learn from them.

Indeed, we don’t realize or rather we don’t want to realize that children are the leaders of tomorrow.

“You must lend an ear today because we are the leaders of tomorrow” — Adora Svitak

We so often dismiss our children thinking that they are just silly or that they are just “childish” but children are actually brilliant minds. As I said it in one of my other post “children are the most creative beings”. Then, as Sir Ken Robinson said it:

“We grow out of creativity. Or rather they get educated out of creativity.”

That is why we should listen to our children and stop thinking that they don’t know anything. Sure, they might be new to the world but isn’t the key rule to solve a problem, to try to see the situation with new eyes or a new perspective? Maybe, children can be our new perspective. Maybe instead of dismissing children for being too young, too gullible, not smart enough, not grown-up enough, maybe we should embrace their perspective on the world. Maybe if we listened to our children and try to work with them and their brilliant creativity and imagination then maybe we could change the world. Actually, it is not even a “maybe” it is a “definitely”. Just look at the young Sidora Svitak, she has been trying to change the world and she has been fighting for her dreams since the age of 4. Or Charlie Simpson who was a schoolboy who raised £120K for Haiti with his bike. Children can change the world! We just have to be willing to pay attention to them instead of thinking that they’re just children.

I believe that one of the main reasons why we don’t listen to our children or we don’t believe that they can change the world, is because we expect them to do the same mistakes as us. Everyone knows of the expression “History repeats itself”. But maybe history wouldn’t repeat itself if we believed in our children from the get-go. Maybe history wouldn’t repeat itself if we didn’t underestimate them and their abilities. We shouldn’t expect our children to be just like us and to make the same mistakes as us, we should help them on their path to be better. We should expect our children to be better than us in order for them to better the future. I am not saying that we should pressure them to be better than us. Pressure is never a good thing. But I think that we should encourage them to do better, help them to be better, listen to them, work with them to make the world a better place. The future is literally in children’s hands so I think it’s time that we work hand in hand with them.

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