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What happens to your social media when you die?

So I was scrolling through my youtube recommendations and for some unknown reasons youtube suggested that I watch this particular video:

This week I’ve decided to talk about social media on my blog so I thought that it would just make sense to watch the video and talk about it.

Social media. What an intriguing world!

We are a generation who documents everything and nothing on a daily basis and we then share it with close friends or even the whole world. It’s always great to have those visual memories, even if some memories are completely pointless!

But what happens when you die?

I know, you probably never thought about that, just like most people, but it’ll happen eventually. And what will happen to your online presence/memories when that happen?

Thanks to this video I’ve learned that Facebook and Google allow a trusted person of your choice (called a “legacy contact”) to gain access to your account.

Some other platforms delete your account automatically after 6 months of inactivity or by the request of a family member granted that they can prove your death.

Ok, now on to the creepy part of this video. Apparently there’s an app called “deadsocial” that can allow you to pre-program tweets or facebook messages. I have no idea why would anyone pre-program tweets to be tweeted after their death, unless it is to say “For those of you who didn’t know and who don’t have any contacts with my family and close friends, I am afraid to announce that I am dead”. I mean some people whom you don’t necessarily talk to on a daily basis might need the heads up before posting another birthday wish on your wall or even a weird picture of you. Other than that this deadsocial app kind of creeps me out, what kind of tweets/FB posts would you like to pre-program in case you die? I mean, if I’m being honest, it would be pretty funny if my account tweeted things like “chillin’ in ma grave” because I’d like to think that even when I’ll be dead I’ll still have my stupid sense of humor. But it’s kind of insensitive for the people who will be grieving my death…

Anyway, what do you guys think? What do you want to happen to your social media when you die? Have you given access to your accounts to a trusted person yet? Would you like an app to keep on tweeting for you even after you die?

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