What made you realize that you are okay the way you are?

Based on a quora question.

“When I realized I couldn’t live my life being somebody else.”

I’ve tried fitting in. I’ve tried being cool. I’ve tried being someone that I was not. I’ve tried everything and more and nothing worked. I wasn’t happy, I didn’t know who I was and nobody knew the real me.

Trying to be somebody else rather than myself made me realize that I was wasting my time and I was wasting myself.

I am a great person, flaws and all and it’s a shame that I almost wasted who I am to be somebody else. And the best decision I’ve ever made was to embrace who I am wholeheartedly!

So if you’re lost in between who you are and who you’re not just know that who you are and who you can become in the future are far more greater than the person you’re pretended to be. So drop the act and act like yourself! There’s no better way to live your life.

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