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Where did the kids go?

What happened to our kids?!

I wanted to start this post by saying “back in my days” but that would’ve made me sound like a grumpy old lady. And I don’t think that at 21 I am old enough to be considered as a grumpy old lady. Sometimes I feel like one though. I might be an undercover grumpy old lady. Who knows?

So, as the good grumpy old lady that I am, I will complain about kids these days.

Back in my days, technology was not THAT big. Of course we had computers but the old Microsoft ones, with the screen so big and heavy. We had VCR and VHS tapes. And yes I did record my favorite songs on casettes and yes I do know the struggle. But looking back at it, it makes me laugh and a bit nostalgic. We also had the wonderfully amazing nintendo 64. Isn’t that the best? I don’t know where mine is but if I find it I will plug it onto my TV right away. BEST. GAME. STATION. EVER!!

You can tell that I miss my childhood days. Those were some fun times. Those are some really fun memories.

That’s what is worrying me about the new generations. I see you, phones in one hand, ipad on the other, hoverboards under your feet, wireless headphones on etc… And I’m worried about you. And a little bit sad.

But the technology is not the only thing that worries me. You. You worry me. I see you and I wonder “where did the kids go?” Because I see you. But you are not there.

Today’s society made you grow up from the baby stage to the “adult” looking stage. But where did the kids go?

You guys do not seem to have a childhood. A REAL childhood.

How many times have you heard people say “wait this kid is only 12?!” ; “wait you are only 10?!” It’s no surprise there because no one sees kids in you anymore. Kids don’t exist anymore.

Because we live in a new world where kids are pressured to grow fast, really fast. We live in a world where kids don’t need magazines anymore to compare themselves. We live in a world where they can log onto a social media and they can see what they are expected to look like. They can see what they are expected to do. And they have access to all that at a young age. And this age seems to be decreasing more and more. Next thing you know a newborn will know how to tweet before giving it’s first scream telling you it is indeed alive and well.

What happened to our kids?

I see little girls putting on more make up than I do. I understand some might want to become make-up artists when they grow up so their parents let them express themselves and practise etc… But make up is not a necessity. They don’t have to wear it 24/7. I see girls at 10 walking around with make-up on. Granted, they know what they’re doing and some might even look flawless. But that’s the thing, they look flawless. At 10. Why not look like a kid? I know, no kid wants to look like a kid. And I might have been guilty of wearing a little bit of mascara when I was 9. But I did not do it all the time. I did not want to look “pretty”, “flawless”, “lady-like” all the time. I wanted to look like a kid. I wanted to be a kid. I was a kid.

It’s okay to have your hair going in all different directions, no make-up on and maybe a little bit of dirt on your shirt. That’s how it’s supposed to be. That what childhood is!

Some adults might say “kids these days… look at them… always with their phones, not doing anything etc…” But did you forget who’s kids they are?

I know that some people don’t like to receive advices from single young adults with no kids. And I totally understand and respect that. But I have years of taking care of a LOT of kids under my belt so I think I can say what I am about to say.

I am not blaming parents. I know you are doing your best. I know how hard it can be. Taking care of a kid is hard. Tiring even. But I think that you are partly to blame. I know it is hard to say “no” to your kids. Like I said, I took care of a lot of them and I am what people would call “the good cop”, plus kids are extremely cute so I have a hard time saying “no” to them. But I know how and when to be firm. And I know that no matter what, I am the figure of authority and I have to be strict and say “no” sometimes. For their own good.

What I’m trying to say is that, we shouldn’t give technologies to kids. Especially when they’re very young. There is no point in having a 6-years-old kid with a smartphone. Sure it might distract him, it might make him stop crying, it might make him stop bothering you etc… But what good does it really does to him? The kid will grow with a technology stuck in its hand and like I said before they will have access to all sorts of informations. And I know some of you might say “Yeah but I put a parental control software” or something like that. But when I was 7 I knew how to do all sorts of things on the computer. And I bet if there were parental control on my computer, I would’ve find a way to deactivate it. Or maybe I’m just a tech whiz…

My point is that eventually they will see a lot of things on the internet and then they’ll end up being 26-years-old-looking kids, when they’re only 10. They won’t want to do what kids are supposed to do. They won’t look like what kids are supposed to look like. They won’t like what kids are supposed to like. They won’t watch what kids are supposed to watch. They won’t say what kids are supposed to say. Basically they won’t be kids. The “kid stage” won’t exist anymore. It has already stopped existing. I see too many kids that are supposed to be kids, but they don’t behave as such or look the part. And it’s making me sad. Because childhood is a fun part of life. And it is supposed to be worry-free.

Kids these days are pressured to be this digital persona thingy and they have no idea what being a kid is. That is wrong on so many levels. I think that this lowers self-esteem even more, increase bullying, and increase depression and loneliness etc…

They are not living a worry-free childhood.

On the contrary, they are worried about who liked their pictures on instagram. They are worried about how they look, if what they’re wearing is “swag” and their make-up “flawless”. They’re worried about going viral or not going viral. They’re worried about not being cool because they don’t know this cool new app or this cool new dance etc…

They’re doing what kids aren’t supposed to do which is: WORRYING. I know that the world is not a perfect world where there is nothing to worry about. But as kids they shouldn’t have to worry yet. Especially for pointless reasons like I’ve stated above.

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