“Why are you single?” — Because I don’t have time to date.

I’ve always thought that people that say that they don’t have time to date were a little bit pretentious or snobbish or something like that but turns out that I’m one of those people.

I still feel like saying “I don’t have time to date” is a little pretentious but I still catch myself saying it from time to time.

The truth is that I really don’t have time. I have plans to travel in different countries for the next couple of months/years and I also have other professional plans. I really have a lot on my plate. And although I’ve been wanting to have someone for pretty much my whole life, I just can’t have that right now. It’s not necessarily my priority at the moment. I’m not excluding the option of meeting new people. In fact I’m bound to meet new people because of my plans of travelling around the world. But being romantically involved with someone, I’m not sure if I’m entirely up for that. I would like that, really, I would. But I’m not sure if I’ll be entirely commited due to the fact that I have other things to take care of first.

It’s really hard for me to admit that because I’m what you’d call a hopeless romantic and I mean the real kind. I just love L.O.V.E! And I’ve always been dreaming about the day that I’ll meet my better half but if we cross path right this instant I don’t think that I’ll even really see him. I wish that I could. But unfortunately right now is not the best time.

If I do meet someone in the next couple of months or years, I just really hope that first, he won’t break my heart (because I really do NOT have time for that haha) and second, I hope that he can support me with my plans in life and I hope that he’ll understand what I’m doing or trying to do. I just really hope that I can meet someone who’s on my level professionally, intellectually and emotionally. You know? Someone who can understand me and who’ll have a desire to help me succeed or just see me succeed. I do believe that I’m a good person to date (not in a pretentious way) and that I have a lot to offer but right now I really need to focus on what I can offer to myself first before I can think about giving myself to someone else.

That’s why I don’t have time to date.

Because right now (and the next couple of years), is the time that I need to give to myself and myself only.

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