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Why I Disagree With The Saying “Quality Over Quantity“

Everyone will tell you to choose quality over quantity.

I actually googled “quality over quantity” and got thousands of results and cute motivational pictures:

It’s actually one very loved and praised quote.

But I’m going to be very real with you, I don’t like nor do I agree with this saying.

I actually think that it’s the other way around:

Quantity Over Quality

The reason why I am saying that is because I think that “quality” can actually prevent you from actually starting to do something or for putting your work out there into the world.

Quality is pretty much like perfection so by saying “Quality over quantity” you’re actually saying “Make sure that everything is perfect and that you are perfect before presenting your work to the world”.

But the truth is that, nobody is perfect and nobody’s work really has any “quality” to it from the get-go.

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been writing a blog post every single day, for the past 2 years.

And sometimes I would write and publish a blog post even when I don’t feel like it or I don’t really think that the post is that good.

And what I’ve learned from doing that is that quality actually takes time.

And if quality takes time then that means that it takes a shitload of pretty shitty attempts before having something that really has some “quality” to it.

Let’s do an exercise for 2 seconds.

I want you to imagine someone successful.
Now, I want you to imagine that person when they were born.
Turns out they were born perfect and they could perfectly do absolutely anything in the world since birth. I’m talking about singing, dancing, drawing, math, geography, science, cooking, building things, inventing things etc… They can do everything and know absolutely everything that there is to know without ever learning anything. (I know it’s not possible but for the sake of this exercise let’s pretend like it’s possible)
And everything that they do has more quality than anyone else on earth could ever recreate.

Ok, now I want you to imagine someone else.

Someone who drew squiggly stick figures when they were a child and who still drew stick figures at age 25 or even at age 39.
And they drew a whole lot of fugly stick figures for that period of their life.
But then one day, they decided to actually learn how to draw something better than a stick figure.
That person started to draw circles and at first the circles were pretty bad.
Much like the stick figures…
But they did more of them and then they started to add other things like a little leaf on top of the circle.
And then little by little they transformed their fugly circles into an apple with a small leaf on top.
The very first apple was fugly, as per usual, but then that person did more of those apples.
And the more they did apples the more things they started to add such as shadows and highlights and 3D perspective etc…
And then they started to draw the whole apple tree.
And you guessed it, the first tree that that person drew was fugly but they kept at it until they had a beautiful realistic tree with loads of apples hanging from it.

Now that you’ve imagined those two people, I want you to tell me the person who is most likely to inspire you to take the same steps as them and who showed you that you can actually do whatever you want to start doing?

Is it the person that was born perfect and who can do anything in the world with the best quality ever without ever learning or failing or ever being bad at anything? They were just simply born with the ultimate power of quality.

Or is it going to be the person who was extremely bad at something at first and who did a whole lot of fugly work but then they learned how to be better and they kept on going and they kept on learning and they kept on being bad but still kept on learning etc…?

Who, between those two people, has a path that you are the most likely able to follow the step of?

The one who was born perfect with the ultimate quality?

If you were not born perfect with the ultimate quality like them then you’re screwed, and you’ll never get anywhere and you definitely won’t ever be as good as them!

Or the person who was bad at first but got better the more they tried?

Chances are we all fit in this second category. We are all born somewhat bad at everything. And when we first try to do something, we might not be so good at it…

But you know what that second person can teach you? They can teach you that you can get better at something. You can even end up being great at it! But if you look at their first work, you’ll see that most of their first work were pretty bad. And that’s ok!

Because we all start somewhat bad before ending up great.

And that’s why I believe that quantity should come first before quality.

You absolutely have to put out a ton of shitty stuff out there into the world before becoming great.

Chances are, you already did. And that’s great! Because all of us did! *High Five*

When you’re going to look back at where you started/how you started, you’re really going to appreciate those shitty work and this will make you appreciate your greatest work even more.

And when people see where you started and where you are now, they’ll be able to see that greatness is possible for themselves too.

They’ll think “Well if that successful person started with a lot of bad/low quality work and ended up doing all those great work that means that there’s hope for me! That means that I can also do it!”

And honestly that’s the ultimate truth: all of us are capable to do anything in the world and we are all equally able to be great at anything, all we have to do is just do.

Just do.

Put a lot of work out there.

Good or bad.

And keep at it.

Keep learning.

Keep on growing and evolving.

And one day, if not today, you’ll realize that you’ve become kinda sorta great at it!

Don’t be afraid to show people your imperfect side or that you started off pretty bad, because that’s part of being great.

We all have to go through this “bad” step on our path.

Don’t just sit around and wait for quality to come to you out of the blue.

Quality will come, the more you do something.

It won’t come on the first try.

And maybe not on the second or 10th time either.

But the more you do something, the better you’ll get.

But first you have to do.

And first, you have to be bad.

There’s no path that is just perfect greatness and perfect quality from the get-go.

Thank you for stopping by, hope you’ve had a nice stay! ❤︎