Why I sing

I’m not a singer but I love singing.

Why do I sing?

Because I love music and because some people are really good at putting my feelings into songs (thanks Tori Kelly!).

I love singing because I love dancing. And music and dancing are intertwined together so I guess it’s only natural that I love singing.

Am I a good singer?

Well, in a world where you have Beyoncé, Adele and Tori Kelly, I really don’t think that I am any good next to them. But I still love to sing and my friends want me to sing more so I don’t know maybe I am good but also maybe I am not 😅

When I was little I did dream of being a singer and dancer but I really don’t consider myself any good at singing so I see myself more as a dancer than a singer.

Would I like to make a career off of my singing?

Maybe? I don’t know. The thing is I love everything that I am doing, singing, dancing, writing, drawing, filmmaking, photography and I would love to make a career out of all of them. So long that I can do all of the things that I love to do even if I don’t become a professional singer or dancer or writer or filmmaker etc… As long as all of my passions stay with me and I keep on working with them to create something magical, I’m good. Even if I don’t really make money for one of them in particular. As I said in my other post here and as Elizabeth Gikbert explained it in her book, I am not asking my passions to pay the bills or to feed me, all I want is for them to stay with me and work with me. I am the one taking care of my passions. I am the one making sure they stay with me and never leave. If one day they bring money home then great if not I will still love all of them very dearly!

All that being said, I just posted a new cover on my youtube channel so if anyone of you wants to check it out it’s here:

It’s ok if you think that I’m not really good haha

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