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Woman Crush Wednesday — Shailene Woodley

I’m following Shailene Woodley on all social medias (honestly which millenial isn’t?!) and I’ve always loved to see her in my feeds. She seems like the nicest person on earth and she’s such a caring human being it warms my heart. I always hear about her getting involved and actually doing things. She’s trying to make a change in this world which always puts a smile on my face and really inspires me. She’s really an amazing young lady and she’s not afraid to step up for what’s right. She just genuinely cares! And we should all try to be a little bit more like her!

I dedicate this WCW to Shailene Woodley because earlier this week she got arrested which shocked me so much! I’m not really familiar with the cause she was here for, as I’m not American and don’t live in the USA, but I’ve read about what happened and I just couldn’t believe it. Apparently she was protesting for clean water and she got arrested because she was driving some views to the protest through her social medias. There are some talks about her “trespassing” but everyone that was with her also trespassed but she got singled out because she is famous.

I love that she’s using her fame to make people care about serious subjects. We all need to care about what’s happening in our world and not just the latest fashion trend or who’s the next youtube superstar and whatnot. So I really like that she cares and that she cares enough to show us what needs to be talked about, what needs to be dealt with, what needs to be done etc…

Shailene, if you’re reading this then “THANK YOU”.

Thank you for being a role model for us and the next generations to come. Thank you for caring. Thank you for actually trying to make a better world. Thank you for being so amazing! I really look at you with admiration in my eyes. I really hope that you and me and each and everyone of us can really make a change in this world. There are some changes that needs to be done. And we owe it to ourselves to fight for those changes to be made. Let’s make this world a better place for you and for me and the entire human race!

I really applaud Shailene’s bravery and the way that she handled herself when she got handcuffed. I really hope that everything will be alright and that she’s ok. Apparently she’s headed to court on the 24th of October.

Here are more informations about Shailene’s protest and her arrest:

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