Words Are Meaningful

And You Cannot Force Them Out Of People’s Mouth

People will confide in you when they are ready to.

I know, we all want people to talk to us. That’s all we want, for people to talk. And sometimes that’s all some people do: talk, talk, talk, talk.

So much so that talking starts to become meaningless. It starts to become something that we force on others: “Just talk!” — “Tell me what’s on your mind.” etc…

But we forget that talking is not just spitting out sounds just because we are obliged to or just to say something because saying something is better than not saying anything right?

Writing this blog post reminds me of the movie “A Thousand Words” with Eddie Murphy where his character only had a certain number of words to say before he would die. So he had to think carefully to what he was going to say to people, things had to be meaningful.

That is why we need to stop putting pressure on people to talk to us if they simply are not ready to or don’t want to. You want people to want to talk to you. You want people to want to share their feelings and thoughts with you. You don’t just want people to talk “just ‘cause” or just because you force the words out of their mouth.

Let people come to you!

Other people’s emotions are first and foremost theirs, not ours. What they do with them is their prerogative, not ours. And hearing them, if they choose to share, is a privilege, not a right.” — Kris Gage in “We’re not entitled to know our partner’s feelings”

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