Working while being sick with a sick child

Today I was not feeling very well… And one of my children (that I’m taking care of) was sick and off school as well. So I had to take care of her as well as take care of myself and as well as working on my creative projects.

Was it hard? — EXTREMELY!

I did want to just sleep and not work on my vlog or not write today’s blog post or not take care of my sick child. I just wanted the world to forget me and hibernate for like 200 years or something. But none of that happened. Of course, I didn’t drive myself even more sick to the point of going to the hospital! No, I actually did sleep and slowed down a little bit.

I stopped pressuring myself to do everything today and I actually took it easy.

I felt poorly and I did take a 1 hour nap, which I never do. But then I felt better and slowly but surely I went back to work and I did everything that Needed to be done. I’m proud of myself for managing to deal with all of that. And I also am proud of myself for letting myself rest and not just force myself to do everything as fast as I could and as soon as possible.

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