Let the voice of the unheard be heard

When it’s heard,

A lamp will lament

A trumpet will echo

The breeze shall blow

The cock shall crow

The sheep shall bleed

And let the cat meow

To a fulfilled life

A life of a sustained smile

A life; where dreams come true

Let the unheard roar like a hungry lion

Let the roar scare the greedy ones

where tomorrow keeps no space for the greedy

I see, but I can’t speak

I am affected, but not to complain

I have felt the gravity of emptiness in me

My voice; only seen as tears

Tears which I alone see

Voice which I alone hear

The time has come

The time to roar like a king in the jungle

The time for my voice to be heard

Silently, I roar to the echoing trumpet

Diary of the Voiceless

By: Muhammad Abdulrazak