The art of writing

Why do I want to develop a habit of writing?

Is it because I think it’s cool? Hell yeah. But more importantly, I think writing puts structures into your thought process. It gives you a medium to express yourself without having to be overtly thoughtful of what others would think (imagine the number of interruptions you get while talking to somebody. I don’t mind listening to somebody, but the conversation kills something more important, the flow of thoughts because now your attention is diverted to the fellow who is speaking)

Came across this somewhere. Guess in some of Piyush Mishra’s Poem recitals.

Therefore, This is a promise I want to keep. A promise I make to myself.

“To write more. To write everyday. To write anything”

You would be surprised at the number of half edited posts lying in my drafts. Was never able to finish anything and publish. Could be because of my procrastination or high expectations from what I want to write. So don’t be surprised if these posts are just too random for you. Go ahead and block me :)

Most of the things I will be writing about will be rants, commentaries on current affairs, books I just completed, some crazy TV series I just finished or just about anything. Don’t expect anything of value. Comments/Suggestions are most welcome.

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