Track symptoms and medication for your loved ones

I’ve been looking forward to the Product Hunt’s Maker’s Festival (née Hackathon) since I joined the platform last year. In the spirit of connecting with talented people online, I put out a request for partner on Maker Goals and was very thankful to have some friends help me out and spread the word.

I was lucky to find two partners to team up with two people for the Makers Festival this year. We decided to build Therma after I came across this tweet.

It’s hard as it is for parents to keep track of their children’s activities and schoolwork, especially while juggling a full-time job. It’s even harder to remember which one got sick first or whose medication is whose. Therma is made with parents in mind to try and ease the stress of taking care of sick family members in mind.

After speaking with a few parents, we decided to focus on three major points for Therma:

  • Recording symptoms
  • Tracking medication
  • A way to organize symptoms and medication for each individual

Had we had a little bit more time, we could have probably made this into a full fledged app, but the important message of the Maker’s Festival, and the maker movement in general, is to make something and get it out there. Some details on our targets:

Recording symptoms

We wanted to make it as simple as possible to record symptoms. All you need to worry about is describing each symptom. We’ll date-stamp them for you for when you need to share with a doctor or others.

Tracking medication

More often than not, when one person in the household gets sick, at least one other person will, too. Some might need the same medication, and others might have different ones. It’s important to have ready-made instructions to give a babysitter for an emergency or a night out.


While the first two points are very important, the product would look very messy if there was no way to organize it somehow. We decided that users needed a way to organize to whom each symptom and medication belonged. Users can create an “event” (for example, “Adam: Strep throat, Jan 2018”) to store symptoms and medication under. While some people do take medication everyday, some illnesses are temporary and require antibiotics for a limited period of time. Having symptoms and medication under one event can make it easier to share with doctors because all of the information is in one place.

We’re excited to build and launch Therma, and we hope that we get to help out parents take care of their kids and loved ones. If you’d like to get updates about our launch, please sign up here.

Happy making!

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You can follow my Therma teammates, Syed and Wale, on Twitter.