Are Blacks To Blame for Police Misconduct & Brutality?

Young men and women display shirts and signs “black lives matter”.


When it comes to a white cop killing an unarmed black man, many African-Americans since a pattern flow of prejudice that escalate tremendous suspicion and bias based on skin complexion. Majority of whites, however, came to an assumption that it’s the fault of blacks for police behavior. The blameshift is “if blacks weren’t committing a majority of crimes, they wouldn’t get so much attention from police officers”. I believe the war of Black-on-black crime may be the central reason for the heavy police presence within the black community. From this perspective, African-Americans can only blame themselves for the actions and familiarity with cops in their neighborhoods. The solution starts with the war between blacks themselves trying to make a change assuring the police will follow suit.

Cops Kill Black People at a Higher Rate Than White People

Its amazing how the police classify the shooting victims in the statistical data of homicides as criminals. Not to my surprise, the Perhaps law enforcement agencies do very little to keep accountable good stats regarding incidents that turned deadly. No true data shows exactly how many Americans are shot and killed by police officers annually. The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Uniform Crime Reporting program shows that roughly 400 people were killed as noted “justifiable homicides by police” in the year 2012. The FBI gathers information on the victims’ race but it does not publish the overall racial breakdown of the data. The Justice Department’s Bureau of Justice Statistics shows that between 2003 and 2009 there resulted more than 2,900 arrest-related deaths involving law enforcement officers. When broken down and averaged over a seven year period, this accounted for nearly 420 deaths a year. Based on its data, a rough estimate indicated black people were nearly four times as likely to be killed in the custody of police or while being arrested than whites.

Change Starts With The Community

We should adopt a meaningful national standards for use-of-force training for all police officers within the US. Requirements from departmental standards vary throughout the country however the most common standard officers should practice is that officers are trained on use of force exactly once in their career professions. Racial bias still exist in the justice system and streets of America with a narrow focus on the relationship between police and the general population. By engaging in these behaviors of the police, this type of practice contradicts the principality of equal protection under the law. This protection is guaranteed by both the Massachusetts and U.S. Constitutions.

Who Will Stand For Change?

Who will make a change? Law enforcement officers in the early 2000's were at an amazing high rate of 75 percent white, a number far from equal opportunities for other races. A more efficient level of diversity within our law enforcement needs to take place in order for this diversion to end and for real political change to occur. Our country is at its highest moment in our time period and to prevent history from repeating itself, both sides need to set aside stereo-typing and racial behaviors to merge as a genuine nation as one.


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