Many people think of going into lawyer arab because they think it is a “sexy” career, inspired by the antics of various fictional barristers on the TV, such as Silk. For some it may indeed by like this, but for many people who go into law محامي في جدة, the realities of their job are far more day to day. However, this doesn’t mean that their jobs are any less important, and in fact probably make a huge amount of difference to far more peoples’ lives than the types of lawyers often portrayed in soaps and dramas. For example, take…

It is one of the sad facts of life that lawyers jeddah are generally disliked by the general public. Solicitors in particular seem to be a particularly hated branch of the law family, out for anything they can get, not caring what happens to people whose lives they wreck along the way.

They are probably right up there along with estate agents, traffic wardens, politicians and journalists. It is unfortunate that they have this reputation, as they are just doing their job legal counsel.

However, there are always people who don’t understand and respect other people’s profession. You can bet…


lawyer in jeddah, i love my jobe. personal web site:

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