Lambda 2019 Blueprint

Lambda’s team consists of a team of top engineers and experts who have been involved in the development of basic software for many years and have been actively contributing to the open source community at the same time. We contribute code to several open source projects such as Camel, Akka, Drill, etc. under the Apache Foundation, The Druid China User Group and Clickhouse China User Group have been established in the Asia-Pacific region to actively promote open source and community development.

Lambda founder He Xiaoyang, known as “the first person in China’s APM industry”, was selected as the “35 Under 35” list of entrepreneurs in 2015. The OneAPM founded by He Xiaoyang has won the “China’s Best APM Company of the Year” and has been successfully listed on the New Third Board in 2016. Li Monan, China’s top programmer and co-founder of Lambda, is the co-founder of Coreseek and Log Insight. As an expert in search engine, file system, storage system, and log system, his CoreSeek Chinese Word Segmentation System was widely used in Chinese Internet BBS community.

Lambda’s development team has long been working on using the Agent pattern to collect massive amounts of data and to store, analyze, and presentation software. The mission is to promote the decentralization of the Internet and to create a truly free, secure and open “new” distributed storage infrastructure for the new generation of the Internet.

Principles for development planning

Lambda development planning and the work of the future Lambda team will be based on the following three criteria:

  1. Balance the relationship between scientific research exploration and R&D. While sticking to the forward-looking of the technology plan, we should ensure reasonable R&D progress and feasibility of the plan.
  2. Upholding the mission of promoting the decentralization and protecting the value of data.
  3. The good development of the miner community, the developer community and the storage ecology shall be promoted steadily on the basis of the principle of community demand-driven community governance.
Development planning and objectives at all stages

The establishment and development of Lambda will be a vast project lasting for 3–5 years. The whole path of realization will be completed in many stages. As we are moving forward in 2019, let's take a look at what we have been accomplished in 2018.

We completed the construction of the team and formed a stable and strong R&D team.

We have raised funds, and there are 23 top institutions in the bear market participating in our $15 million financing.

We have open-sourced the code and launched lambda’s Testnet.

On the last day of 2018, we landed at the , Huobi, and Huobi Korea Exchange. LAMB opened at a price of 0.02 RMB and steadily increased to 0.11 RMB!

In the new year of 2019, we will have better achievements, and these achievements cannot be achieved without the support and participation of everyone in the community.

In 2019, overall, our plan was a “virtual reality” process — completing the landing of three core points: verifier nodes, storage space, and user demand side:

  1. Consensus Network Verification Node: In 2019, we will first complete 128 nodes, in three to five years time, gradually transit to 1024 nodes.
  2. Storage space aspect: We will first complete 120PB of the storage in 2019, in three to five years time to gradually achieve thousands of PB.
  3. On the demand side: We will sign up dozens of business users, and then gradually expand to cover the data storage and retrieval requirements of B2B and B2C scenarios. So in 2019, we’ll focus on nodes, storage miners, and demand side.

The recruitment of nodes is divided into three phases and is currently in its second stage.

A total of 120 PBPs are required for the miners to be recruited and are currently in the first phase.

Recruitment on the demand side has not yet started, and seven commercial contracts are currently signed by Lambda’s official agent and will be announced later. We want to recruit channel partners whose role is to promote and introduce the Lambda system to business users. The user pays fiat currency to the partner, who buys Lambda’s storage space from the Token. In this way, partners can earn a middle price difference. Lambda will not restrain the signing price between partners and end users.

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