Lambda Bi-Weekly Report XIX


Feb. 25th, 2019~ Mar. 10th 2019

Dear Lambda Supporters:

We at Lambda aim to build a disruptive blockchain based storage solution that provides unlimited storage capabilities and a marketplace on top of the blockchain, what motivates us the most is your trust and support. The following are our progress in these two weeks, enjoy reading.

Technology & Development Progress
  1. Lambda Chain functions development and design

Split the Lambda client-side to fix the previous DB resource conflict

Separate Storage Actor from Lambda Node

Improve Validator pledge process

Implement the communication mechanism between the miner and the binding Validator, mainly PDP correlation

2. Wallet function development and improvement

Wallet v2 version API reconfiguration, support multiple account switching

Wallet v1 version adds, node information and related page information modification

Wallet data local storage scheme test

Wallet RPC HTTP proxy and bug troubleshooting

3. Design of browser’s new features

Storage Miner page added new modules and element evaluation in;

Browser added new chart module with its theme style selection in.

Marketing & Promotion Progress
  1. Feb.26th Lambda validator Starblue Blockchain published the WeChat article “ Starblue started the mining journey with Lambda”, which expressed its trust and affirmation to Lambda project.

2. Feb.27th Lambda posted “Take a close look at Lambda” on Medium

On the same day, Lambda posted one project technical explanation article “Learn about Lambda decentralized storage networks”.

3. Feb.28th Lambda posted “Lambda 2019 Blueprint” on Medium

4. Mar.1st LAMB was a finalist for the 2018/19 list of high-rising star tokens

5. Mar.6th In combination with Alipay Blockchain appeared in Zhejiang TV station’s “Intelligent Future” program, Lambda released one promoting article.

6. Mar.9th Reuters published “ ( Phenomenal Track Record in Project Listings”, it mentioned Lambda as a famous blockchain-based storage solution disruptor.

Cooperation & Business Progress
  1. Feb.27th LAMB listed on Exchange
Community Progress
  1. Feb.27th Lambda storage miner campaign phase II opened enrollment
  2. Feb.28th Lambda storage miner campaign phase II started the application. We currently have 38 operational nodes (7 official ones).
  3. Mar.1st Xiaoyang He, the founder of Lambda, gave a Weibo LIVE broadcast

4. Mar.5th The LCAC community held an online meeting with the theme of “Latest development and market progress sharing & discussion of Lambda”

5. Mar.7th Lambda founder Xiaoyang He participated in a blockchain investment & research institution — TokenGazer community’s “Ask me all questions” activity, had an in-depth debate with researchers and community members to jointly explore the real value of Lambda project and blockchain.

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