Lambda Has Finally Launched The TestNet On Jan.29th, 2019

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Lambda, a high-speed, Blockchain-based infrastructure project, has unveiled a live-launch of its testnet. The test network’s live-launch was done through the popular online community of developers’ hub, Github.

The Consensus network of this secure and scalable, decentralized infrastructure project is designed to grant validators the ability to leverage the opportunities it has. They will only use the platform and after that presenting the outcome to a storage proof.

Why Lambda Rolled Out The Projects Concurrently

The reason why Lambda chose to roll out both the test network and the main network’s ‘early validator recruitment plan’ concurrently was to trigger a speedy starting and the subsequent development of its high-speed, Blockchain-based infrastructure project. The system is designed with the revolutionary “FASTPASSKEY” technology, a unique feature that enables some solid miners and asset pooling systems to complete user requests quickly.

Lambda’s Blockchain-based infrastructure project serves to encourage decentralization of the internet, doing so mostly by providing adequate storage space. The storage space is acquired through a series of networks that are created by storage miners from all over the globe.

Critical Components Of Lambda’s Mining Ecosystem

Lambda Validators Election Phase I has successfully ended with oversubscription on Jan.31th! Lambda has raised over 30 validators including well-known industrial agencies&miners. We will announce the info of Validators Election Phase II on Feb.12th, stay tuned!

The way Lambda’s mining ecosystem works is down to its four main players who include:

  1. The storage miners whose role is to create an adequate amount of storage space for the platform’s users.
  2. Retrieval miners they are the ones to generate the bandwidth needed by the platform’s users to mine and retrieve data.
  3. Validators ensure that all the data in the platform is valid and useful.
  4. Finally, there are the end-users who use the platform to safely store their data.

P.S. Lambda has changed its official website to and our old URL is still going to be available in the next half year, both ways are able to locate us, Thanks🌹

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