Introducing Make It Real, Lambeth’s New Mentorship Journey

In developing a Growth Strategy for Lambeth’s CDI sector, much will rely on supporting the skills development and education of those who will work in — and help develop — the sector locally going forward. ‘Inclusive Growth’ is therefore one of the three key pillars of the developing Strategy, and our research so far has highlighted the importance of linking up young people, the education sector, and sector businesses, to achieve this.

In this context, we’re pleased to host this guest blog piece by Make It Real, a youth mentorship journey that supports young people in Lambeth to achieve their aspirations.

Who is Make It Real?

Make It Real came out of a co-design project with Young Lambeth Cooperative (YLC) and students from the Royal College of Art (RCA). It is now being developed and implemented by Charlotte Fountaine, a service designer from RCA, YLC, the cooperative who commission youth services in Lambeth and Innovation RCA, who provide incubation support for start-ups.

What are Make It Real’s aims?

Make It Real is excited about the growth of the creative and digital industries in Lambeth, and keen to ensure that, as those industries continue to grow, they include young people living in Lambeth. Lambeth is a place full of opportunities for young people, we intend to make sure that young people find those opportunities and are supported to reach their full potential.

How Does It Work?

Make It Real intends to achieve its aims by connecting young people at key decision making times to diverse mentors, who can support them in achieving those aspirations.

15–17 year old mentees will be linked with 18–25 year old mentors for face-to-face mentorship sessions at a youth club. Those mentors will have their own industry mentors, who will share advice with them online.

How Can I Get Involved?

We are currently developing Make It Real and we and are looking for potential mentees, mentors and industry mentors. If you’re interested, simply register your interest here.
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