Blog Project 2 & 3


Format: Poem

Audience: Ones that struggled and overcame from challenges of the world

Purpose: Displaying hope & beauty from getting out of tough situations

The poem “The Rose That Grew From Concrete” is written by famous deceased rapper Tupac Shakur. I would take it that he is talking about himself in this poem, but metaphorically this is speaking to all of us. The rose represents you, the concrete represents the world, and the crack represents a window of hope. The artist is speaking that we all have a story of struggle behind us, but with hope and us privailing through our struggles, we grew into something beautiful such as a rose.


Format: Quote

Audience: Those who question power

Purpose: How power can transform your character

This famous quote is from our 16th president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln’s effectively states we all can get through trials, but that does not mean it builds your character. Power does because with power comes great responsibility. With that being said, power will show how a person can lead, and what type of characteristics they display by doing so.

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