A Mindset that will make you reach your goals fast

To reach your goals fast you must first have a unrealistic mindset

Will smith said “Being realistic is the most common travel road to mediocrity , why would you be realistic, what’s the point of being realistic”.

Les Brown , said “You may not be able to say I can do that, but you can say It’s possible”

Realistic mindset :keeps you slow

Unrealistic mindset : Makes you fast

Combine them both , and you have Arrogance, yes Arrogance, Arrogance is a good thing don’t let anyone one tell you different

What you think you are cable of determines how fast your productivity will be , for better or worse

Example: You think it takes one year to write a iconic movie script realistically yes ,but Sylvester Stallone didn’t think so , but he’s not realistic Sylvester Stallone thought writing a iconic movie in a few days was Possible

Result: He wrote Rocky in 3 days

•He did this when he was dead broke and unknown, so broke he couldn’t even feed his dog so he had to sell it. He didn’t have any money but he had the Mindset that would make him reach his goals Fast . A Unrealistic Mindset What if Sylvester Stallone had a Realistic Mindset .Sylvester Stallone would of then gave himself a realistic goal .Better yet gave himself some cushion so the goal could be obtainable

His Goal would of been this : I will write a iconic movie in one year. Do you do this , give yourself realistic goals , stop it , it’s slowing you down .You will not survive in this fast paste world thinking like that.

Give your self unrealistic deadlines from now on

Tell your mind the deadline, and your mind will find a way. Stop agreeing to be slow because most people are agreeing to be slow.

You Perform like a Sports Car , not like a mini van so rewrite your goals and give each goal a unrealistic time frame , I bet you, my bottom dollar, your mind will switch its creativity ability to the 6th gear, and come up with a creative ideas that will make you reach that goal fast ,

That’s what Stalone did , and he has a human brain just like you

So shift the engine in your brain from 1st Gear to 6th Gear

You now have a Unrealistic Mindset, and mind set is where it starts so hit the nitro button and Go!

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