How to Win on Periscope

It’s very easy

This can be summed up in Two Words Sex Sells

You don’t need analytics or a business coach to come up with a Complex plan.

This is already carved in stone .Its the first business commandments Sex Sells

It’s proven and lasted over six thousand year’s , there isn’t a bigger sample size then that. So Fuck Analytics and Sell Sex , cause Sex Sells

How to sell it on Periscope .Its easy pay a pretty girl $50 an hour to promote your product while she scopes , you have $50 dollars right ? . There is an abundant amount of pretty girls scoping out there and billions of thirsty dudes.

Let me show you how you do this In 3 simple steps

Step 1 : Get a generic contract from

Step 2. Email 1,000 girls that contract

Step 3.Choose the best one who signed the contract

That’s it ,sooo… why are you still here ….. Go and do it ,damn it !!!

for more helpful tips that give you an unfair advantage go to

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