RT Time

RT, stands for Reaction Time

This blog segue’s from the last episode, because once you do a burn out aka clean off your tires ,you have to face the Christmas Tree

What is a Christmas Tree , think of it like this when you stop at a red light and you wait for it to turn green.

Yes the The Drag Racing Christmas Tree is equivalent to a traffic stop light. So approach the Christmas Tree , and wait for light to turn green .

The Christmas tree counts down from top to bottom.

The yellow lights

Light 1 : Pre-Stage

Light 2 : Stage

When the Stage light come’s on that means the countdown has started . The next 3 yellow lights count down in half seconds intervals .That leads to light number 6 the most important light ,the green light .Winning and Losing mostly depends on how to REACT TO THE GREEN LIGHT .

Slow down Cowboy react to soon and the last light , the red light , 8th light will come on that means you disqualified. It’s a gamble trying to get a “0.000” reaction time , but well worth the gamble .

3 tips to make your reaction 0.000

Tip 1. Routine:

create a repeatable routine leading up to the count down, something simple easy to remember, the fewer steps the better

Tip 2. Focus :

Stare at the light, the entire time don’t look left or right ,tunnel vision is what’s needed in drag racing

Tip 3.Anticipation :

If you react when you see the green light you lost, It takes a half second for you to react, and another half second for your car to respond to your reaction. So the Goal is to react 1 second before the green light comes on

Do this and you will have a 0.000 RT time

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