You would reach your goals Faster if you ……

Change your Oil every 3 months

It’s Time for a oil change

Every 3 months You should get a Oil Change

You give your car a Oil Change every 3 months because it needs it. It needs it because the oil levels are low. It needs it because the remaining oil is old. If the old oil is not replaced , with new oil this will happen .

The engine will slow down and eventually stop

Get a oil change before the start of each season

No not just your car,no I’m talking about you to, every time you change your car oil change your oil as well. How do you change your oil.First Do a oil inventory

Old Oil

1. Processed food

2.Reading books you’ve already read

3.Same morning routine

4.Same friends

5.Same clothes

Get rid of that and replace it with new oil

New Oil

1.Organic food

2.New books

3.New morning routine

4.New friends

5.New Clothes

Change the oil every 3 months

This will make you fast & go , instead of slow and stop .Drag racing is my favorite sport. The fastest drag racing car is called a Dragster

What is a Dragster , imagine a muscle Sports Car. Now remove everything that’s not needed in a race .What’s left , the engine , seat , & tires. That’s why it’s the fastest. It got rid of the dead wieght .

Oh by the way, your in a race .You’re not the only one doing what you’re doing. You have competition ,

Competition for your Girl

Competition for your Job

Competition for customers

Competition is either closing in on you or pulling away

Every 3 mths remove everything in your life that’s not needed, and you too will be the fasted bad ass on the ashalt

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