How to clean your roll laminator and extend its durability

If you run a school or have a business that sees high customer traffic, it’s likely that you use your roll laminator quite often, which means that it requires very frequent maintenance to run properly. When maintenance is scheduled frequently, it ends up being quite simple and less labor intensive. Below are some tips that should guide you through your care and maintenance routine for your laminator. First, you should clean the rollers often, especially if you use the laminator frequently. There’s a lot of debate regarding how often the laminating machine should be cleaned. Though it’s recommended to clean once every three months or six months, there are those who’ll need to clean a lot more often than that. After every lamination, the rollers get a film of adhesive coating. If this coating on the rollers is not removed frequently, over time, it will build up and cause the roller to jam and even get damaged. Every time you use the laminating machine, it heats up and this heat will keep heating the film that’s left on the roller and making it set even harder with every use. Film coating that are left to sit for too long harden and become harder to remove.

Though it’s not difficult to clean most rollers, there are some things that you should not do when cleaning the rollers, as doing them could cause damage. For instance, do not use sharp or pointy objects to scrape the film off the rollers. If you nick the rollers with a sharp object, this will cause damage and you’ll have to replace the roller or get a new laminating machine. Before you clean the laminator, take out the film, then turn on the laminator to preheat it. Set the rollers to spin at low speed and using a scrubbing pad recommended by the manufacturer, scrub off the hardened adhesive. To get the right scrubbing pad, you can check in the same shop where you buy pressure sensitive film in the UK. You should wear heavy duty gloves when scrubbing, as the rollers will get hot and thus burn you in case they come into contact with your hands. Be patient when cleaning in order to get every last bit of hardened adhesive.

After you are done cleaning, insert a fresh load of adhesive or reload the one you took out and your machine will be ready to use. The most important step that will ensure your laminator lasts for many years, is always following the guidelines for safe use outlined in the user manual. You should for instance only use the laminator for laminating two dimensional objects like paper. If you laminate objects such as plastic, or any other three dimensional objects, this will damage the roller. As well, any objects that have glitter will coat the rollers, which will result in poor transmission of heat. If your machine needs replacing, you can check online for laminating machines, UK to order for a replacement.