Announcing Score! for Messenger

A sports app for s#!t talking, available day-one for the new Facebook Messenger platform

Written by the LPG Labs Team

Let’s be honest, Facebook is the platform we use to one-up all of our friends and show off how awesome our life is — okay, and occasionally say hello to our aunt. Now, we are excited to announce that we’re bringing sports trash talk to Facebook with Score! for Messenger. Just in time for March Madness, we have integrated the Score! experience with the new Messenger Platform announced today at F8, Facebook’s annual developer conference.

Facebook Messenger is the perfect place for smack talk, which is what Score! is all about. With just one click, sports fans can embarrass or pump up even their most reserved friends, choosing from curated sounds and videos or a custom made message.

We’re bringing up-to-the-minute video and audio micro-content that is updated in real time by our team of sports-crazed curators. Score! for Messenger allows users to choose from a variety of audio and video clips featuring the most clutch plays from football, basketball, hockey, soccer and baseball — that game-changing catch, rally cries — you name it.

Name your team, choose the perfect audio or video clip and blast out a customized victory message to all your friends — it’s that simple. Overdoing it is strongly encouraged.

We’re uploading user generated micro-content, nearly in real time, so if you just saw the sickest screen pass or the most ridiculous foul and want to share it with friends, Score! for Messenger makes it easy and fun. Oh, and we know sports are global, so we are committed to letting everyone “score” in as many languages and countries as possible. We’re starting with English and Spanish, but we’re working hard to translate all of the best trash talk into every language we can think of — our Klingon options are gonna slay.

For hard-core fans, our original app, Score! on Friends, provides a ton of additional creative options to taunt your buddies. Audio-push messages, personalized chants and lots more customizable options are available to help you lay it on thick.

The Score! on Friends origin story is pretty humble, even if the content wasn’t — our crew at LPG Labs (the super rad R&D division of Lamp Post Group) created an app that helped us stick it to our friends during the college football season. To our surprise, it blew up. It turns out there are a massive amount of fans that love ragging on their friends. In less than eight months, we sent over five million push notifications. That’s a lot of trash talk.

Being from the South, we know what it means to be passionate about our sports and our friends. Now we can’t wait to push it out to the rest of the world. Here’s to the celebrating victory without the penalty flags. Go forth and talk some serious game!

Download the original Score! on Friends hotness on iTunes here. Score! for Messenger will be available in the coming days. Stay tuned.

A few important details:

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