Be grateful you’re a normal, boring ol’ average person

This post is an ode to the normal folks out there. The ones who aren’t famous. This post is for you. (Unless you are famous and you’re reading this, in which case, OMG thank you. Please share so I can be famous, too. Oh… Sorry… Back to the saying how awesome normal people are.)

We’ve all had that part of us, at one point or another, that has yearned for fame and fortune. Whether you wanted to be a famous athlete, or a famous actor or an acclaimed writer or business mogul, there is that part of most everyone that wants the glory. It makes sense. Glory feels good.

Here’s the problem with all that hooplah: The glory isn’t the full picture. It never is. Ever.

Behind those chic and impressive Instagram photos on private jets and big-deal headlines is a real person who has had to give something up to get there. Whether it is having a social life or a family or privacy or, simply, time, that person does not have everything. Balance is a real force that none of us can escape. You can’t do it all at once. You can’t have it all at once.

This is not meant to convince you not to dream big. But rather remind you to be happy where you are with what you have at any given moment. You have as much capacity to be happy as any celebrity or big-deal somebody. Happiness comes as much from perspective as from your actual situation.

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