Prepare for good future or just go with the flow

Now, I am in 6th semester of majoring in computer engineering, more focus on study and finish my study next year is my passion now. Preparing for last assignment, essay and also applying for internship to many big companies. Why so many companies i have applying to ? Because i know in every step of candidate selection, it’s possible for me to get the internship certainly.

I am applying for internship by myself (not in group), it is not because i don’t have friends or i am anti-social. But, I want to have a experience about to do something by myself, solve ‘real’ problem. It’s gonna be a challenge for me to the next step of my life. And can give another benefit if I do the internship by myself. They are the independently and maturity, that can describe by ages.

As a 20-year-old girl, I think i haven’t get what is independently and maturity is. I just still like kid that just play again and over again. I should not just thinking or planning what i should do in my future but better if I preparing for good future, starting for now.

even though I think what I do is my best, I still expect an advice whether I am doing is right or wrong.

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