Professors & Staff Arrested for Trading in Child Rape
Lori Handrahan

I am curious why you picked on this particular profession? One comment below suggested you go after Judges. Why not, they are high profile and can have profound impact on many lives. While the issue you highlight here is absolutely important, and those that practice any sort of child pornography are beyond deplorable, you have given the impression that college professors are some sort of time bomb, and perhaps engage in such practices with high frequency. However, I suspect that if you were to comb the media, as you have done here, you would find an alarming number of similar cases from all walks of life. Do you know how many college professors work in the USA? Is the proportion of college professors caught engaging in child pornography higher than for the general population? I have been a college professor for 29 years and have never encountered a colleague (and I’ve known thousands) that has been caught engaging in child pornography. That is not to say that none of them has, just than none have been caught (in my experience depravity eventually gets found out in most cases). I am guessing if you look hard enough you will find ample examples from all walks of the media as well. Why don’t we just agree that ANYONE who engages in child pornography should burn in hell and leave it at that. This is an example of human depravity that should make us all sick.

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