Lanbrew Hackintosh Log #3

Sigh. The Asus G73JH hackintosh didn’t really work out. We got OSX installed, Snow leopard 10.6.3 to be exact, but that was about it. Through further research, and about six hours sunk into the project, we’ve learned that getting a hackintosh working on laptops, that weren’t built for OSX, isn’t the easiest task.

So, where to next? Glad you asked. We are going to look into building a hackintosh that meets the following requirements:

  1. Affordable: $400 — $600
  2. Can handle editing up to 4K videos with ease
  3. Has a dedicated graphics card
  4. Meets, or preferably exceeds, anything Apple is currently offering

That’s really it. While we would love for it to be the size of a Mac Mini, we aren’t going to aim for that. Mainly because we already have a mid-tower ATX case, but also because that might limit our dedicated graphics card requirement.

As always, more to come. Stay tuned and subscribe!

-Sean Tyler

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