(1) Google Keyword Planner → Create an account → Input keywords (ex: to do list, task manager, etc) into the section titled “Get search volume data and trends.” → As a general rule, if the search volume is in the hundred of thousands per month or more, then that’s great news.
How to build a successful company, Part #2
Raad Mobrem

Get Keyword Data Trends, but Don’t Forget about Competitiveness of those Keywords! If something is a popular search but the entry cost to compete is high, you can eventually get there… but expect a long uphill trek.

Another interesting situation are products that cross over into more than one (1) general keyword Category. Each of the keyword categories may be trending ( and competitive) on their own, but you have a product or service that bleeds over to both categories. Hard to compete individually and few people are searching for the combined keyword category strings (they don’t know that combined product or service exists).


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