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LanaCoin full nodes are already present and operational in most of the world countries.

Current node presence can be verified on the official LanaCoin blockexplorer network/geo location tab.

LanaCoin nodes are currently present in Germany, Slovenia,Poland, USA, UK, Russia, Canada, Italy, Morocc, China, Korea, Netherlands, Romains, France, Austria, Switzerland, Singapore, Australia, Spain, Latvia, Norway, Bulgaria, Denmark and Greece.

What exactly is a LanaCoin full node?

Full node is a desktop computer/laptop/server/single board computer running a desktop or console lanacoin core client and with a full copy of the blockchain stored on its hard drive.

LanaCoin wallet communicates with other nodes/p2p clients over tcp communication port 7506. This enables new client wallet instalations to perform the initial sychronization of LanaCoin blockchain.

Estimated time for first sychronization at current blockheight and blockchain size is aprox 2hours on a stable internet connection.

At the time of writing Lanacoin blockchain size is little over 300MB in size. With more and more usage of the network the transaction pool will grow while LanaCoin blocks will become larger. (current blocksize limit for LanaCoin blocks is 4MB).

Before signing up/registering your node please read!

Register you LANA full node and get rewarded. All registered nodes are added to a cloud monitoring system and node uptime is checked in intervals. Incentives are send on monthy basics (first week of the active month for previous month uptime) for nodes with at least 99.3% monthly uptime.
Nodes in rare or never seen countries are rewarded with extra 7% .
(check if your country qualifies here on geo tab!network).

- static/fixed public IP address (You can find out your IP here

- tcp port 7506 (lanacoin p2p port) needs to be NAT-ed at your firewall/router and software firewall exception needs to be added for tcp port 7506
(check if your port forwarding is working
(sample guide on port forwarding

- node needs to be online/operational at least 99,3% of month (uptime is monitored by an external monitoring service)

-registering a node/ip running on public wifi hotspots, library, college dorm, public schools…. is not allowed and will not be credited and monitored and will be excluded from the node incentive program. IP address must be assigned by your ISP to you or your company.

-usage of free/trial cloud vps servers, free amazon vps or other free trial vps servers will not be accepted
-the ip address of the node you submit will be validated to avoid port spoofing and service emulation

Incentives will be calculated on monthly basic. The reward pool will be pulled from the developent fund that is powered by the 3% pool fee set at the official LanaCoin mining pool. “LhQ3TFB7X1Z6fw4GafnHeA2i1gh3i3HXWq”

In order to register your node please fill in the following form.

For any related questions please join Lana telegram group.

If your computer/network experience level is not high enough to handle the task of running a computer program/service 24/7/365 we suggest you dont apply for the “Lana node incentive” program.

Important: If you plan to stake your LanaCoins on the node you are registering in the node incentive program, note that your wallet security is 100% your responsibility.

For more info on blockchain full node please read the Bitcoin full node reference article on wiki.



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