Who am I and What I want

In 2016, I do translating many English articles to Chinese because I’m doing deliberate Learning that means I want to do more exercises about Learning English by myself.

From January to the present, I actually translated about 5-6 articles. I know they aren’t the best version and those must have many flaws, but it records the process of my growing up. And I’m thanks for the people who gave me a chance to translate their articles.

I really like learning and try to know much more things. I’m curious about startup, design, product, program, psychology, biography and so on. Oh, I love Apple Products and Steve Jobs is the person I respect. I also like Walter Isaacson and have read his books like Steve Jobs, The Innovators. But I haven’t read the original version.

I also like Malcolm Gladwell’s Books, such as Outliers: The Story of Success, that is a really inconceivable book. I’m doing The 10,000 Hours Principle for about half-an-year.

So at the end, if anybody want their articles to have a Chinese version and can share in the Chinse-World, Please Contacts me.

You can find me in twitter: @Lanaya_HSIEH

In my blog, you can read the articles have been translated.

One More Things

Actually, I’m an iOS Swift-developer by self-taught almost an year.😀

If you just learn Swift by yourself and have some problems about Programming, I’d like to help you to solve them.

Oh, if you have interesting in learning Chinese or want to teach my poor English, I’m glad to communicate with you.

That all. Thanks your read.

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