2010 — My Journey

Then it was 2010!

Oh this was quite a year! This was the year of so much new learning. A year filled with new information, techniques, experiences to help my body heal!

My mother began studying at the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics. This school is an all around learning environment for full body health. Not only do they teach modalities like massage therapy, they add in teaching about homeopathy, flower remedies, herbal remedies, and various other energy healing techniques. Plant based diets including raw food diets are taught there as well.

Though I was not the one actually in the classes it was not a hard thing to naturally absorb loads of this information due to my mother either running things by me, having me ‘quiz’ her, and/or listening to the things she learned that day. I would also from time to time actually sit down with the books from which she learned and read them. Just to satisfy my curosity.

This was the year that I gained the basis of the knowledge that I furthered over the next few years and was what started the self-teaching of what I know now. The knowledge didn’t come overnight to me, but this was the first year that I really began to practice and test out the above mentioned ways of healing.

Now I must caution here. Not everyone should sit down, read a book about alternative healing methods, and just start doing them. I took my own health in my hands, at my own risk, and studied on my own what worked for me using multiple source material. I do not make any claims that my path to health is your path to health too.

By year’s end I had lost another 20 pounds, so I was down around 170 lbs. This was due in part to taking out a lot of the toxin building processed foods in my diet. Throughout the year I would be vegetarian for lengths of time, just because it worked out that way, as I tested new foods. I had also, for a while, tried out a raw foods diet. Due to the reduction in calories and the addition of more nutrient dense foods I was slowly shedding the pounds at a steady rate. I’m pretty sure I consistently walked this year too. That helps a bunch!

So walking, eating a more plant based diet including some raw meals, homeopathy, flower remedies, some herbs, and massage, brought me to a new level of health and that many steps closer to the total weight loss I so desired!

I have found that a diet change is the biggest aspect of renewed health. The above mentioned alternative remedies play a large role of course, but foundational nutrition is key. As I continued to provide my body with more nutrient dense foods I would have more energy, I would feel better, at times I was even less stressed as my body was able to handle its own internal processes with better efficiency.

Quickly, a raw foods diet is a way of eating where the food is minimally or not at all exposed to heat. Raw food diets are mostly plant based as eating raw meats has its own set of rules and dangers. Heat, especially high heat applied quickly, can have a detrimental effect on the nutrient quality of the food. Yes, cooking does release some ‘fast-held’ nutrients within plants but not heating them keeps many nutrients alive. Not cooking plants keeps the enzymes alive as well. These in turn help the body digest what we eat more effectively. Our spleen thanks us.

Some individuals might find that a mostly raw food diet is really beneficial to them as it could result in higher energy, weight loss, and an overall healthier body. This isn’t the case for everyone as we will learn later on with me. Sometimes it’s best to integrate raw foods into our diets but not have them for every meal.

The next years in my journey will be condensed into one article. I will cover 2011–2014 because these years were a cohesive phase in my food and health journey.

Join me next time!

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The information expressed here is for entertainment purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
I am not associated with the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics in any way. Yet, I do give thanks to them for helping out my mom and myself in our paths to healthy living.
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