2016 and Beyond…! — My Journey

I have come back one more time to bring ‘My Journey’ up to date!

The beginning of this year was ripe with new inspiration. January was the solidification of what had been but a twinkling in my eye since before the previous September. January was so filled with ideas and direction for me that I was able to bring to fruition ‘Lance Adventures’! What is now my direction in life.

On the health and food front I still take my Youngevity* 90 for Life products each day to make sure that what may be deficient in my meals are actually making it into my body in some way.

For eating habits I am contemplating evolving to a vegetarian style with a little bit of flexitarian freedom if options are limited. This is not only to bring more plants into my diet more consistently, as we know the importance of this, but to also lessen the impact on the planet of raising animals for food. As I adventure more into conservation and ecology I believe it’s important to support the planet by living the ecology minded expression in my own life and not just talk about it to others.

And that is that! We are now caught up to today. That is as much as I can tell you about the journey that got me to where I am today. So the important question next is…

What do I envision next for me?

The Ocean

Since I find true love, joy, and deep peace while on or near the ocean this is where I am headed… when the time is right.

Sharing my joy

Bringing what I find beautiful from around the world to anyone who would like to listen. Through writing, photos, videos, and maybe even a podcast one day (everything is growing and evolving when it comes to Lance Adventuring) I plan bringing and hopefully inspiring each and every one who interacts with my forms of expression to love themselves, this planet, and all her inhabitants just a bit more. To inspire change where change is due through sharing of Joy.

Really loving this planet inspires me to continually make the best choices for me and by extension the planet. Yes there are many, many ideas as to what is healthy for this planet and yes one has to really be willing to intuit and understand what is truth when it comes to healing. The importance of this healing cannot be understated as it is, by association, beneficial to us since… it is this planet that allows us to be alive.

So then… Joy to you all! And when you need a little pick me up, to see something beautiful, swing by my sites and see where I’m adventuring this time!

Until then safe travels!

Swing by my blogging site medium.com/@LanceAdventures, my fan page facebook.com/LanceAdventures, my Twitter twitter.com/@LanceAdventures and comment, like, share, and recommend whatever resonates with you. And sincerely, thank you.

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