Announcement Time Again!

Well the holidays have officially come to a close and it is a new year! The season was so busy for me that I had to take until now to get myself reorganized to even think about sitting down and beginning to write again!

January has been ripe with new ideas and opportunities. I have some pretty cool things to announce in the coming months. A number of projects are in the works. Adventures are coming together. Lance Adventures takes flight.

Yes! My first announcement is I have renamed my venture Lance Adventures! I really like this name as it evokes a sense of future expression, travel, newness, joy, and maybe even a touch of mystery. This will be the place name on all my social outlets of expression.

Find me @LanceAdventures on Twitter and follow my Lance Adventures Facebook fan page by heading to My fan page is set to provide a place for me to post ‘non-article’ expressions and will be a place to preview new Medium posts.

I’ll be connecting through BounceChat to share pics, short notes, quotes, and fun events to FB and Twitter which means you will still see things on my regular FB page.

Speaking of, come join me on BounceChat! It really is just a fantastic way to communicate and share nearby! and download here —!-nearby/id949059449?mt=8

My Medium page URL has changed! You can now link to my Health and Travel blog articles by heading to

The next run of articles you will see from me on Medium is a 5 part series telling of my past few years, the events, steps, and learning that I went through to get me to where I am now, and how that has laid the foundation for where I am heading next.

And maybe the coolest part of all this is I officially have the first location that Lance is Adventuring! In the month if March I will be attending two conservation/eco oriented events, TBA. I will be posting throughout the events small updates, pics and the like, and I will be writing one full length blog article shortly after I complete the trip. If you are interested in helping me get all of this off the ground you can make a fee-free donation to my Travel Fund by clicking through to (I know it isn’t ‘LanceAdventures’, but the same profile pic provides clarification that it’s me and that it will make it to my Travel Fund.)

Thanks all for continuing to follow my adventures. Look for a lot to come this year!

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