Why Freelance Writers Need a Personal Brand

If you’re a freelancer of any feather, you are your business. To secure desirable new projects, get discovered by new clients, and establish lasting relationships with past clients, then, you need a clear and consistent personal brand. Most people find self-promotion uncomfortable, but maintaining a personal brand is about so much more than bragging (actually it’s not about bragging at all). It’s about finding your specialty, building your reputation, and, ultimately, running a business that people recognize and trust. Follow these four steps to build a successful, trustworthy freelancing brand:

Find Your Specialty

As you gain experience, you’ll probably be tempted to diversify by reaching into new industries and adding new skills to your portfolio. Resist this temptation. Instead, find a profitable niche to target and specialize more, not less, as time goes on. A unique specialty is the cornerstone of your personal brand. On a practical level, it helps clients figure out, immediately, whether you’re a good fit for a project. It also makes you more money, since, by specializing, you’re uniquely positioned to tackle complex industry issues. A specialty also helps you establish a set demographic — age, education, gender, career level — for your audience. This is essential, since your audience will determine the specifics of your personal brand.

Choose Projects that Make Sense Once you have your specialty, only apply for those projects that make sense for your niche. If you’re in a lull, sure, you might be willing to write about anything, but limiting the scope of your business actually strengthens your personal brand. New projects aren’t only a way to make money, they’re a way to add value to your business. Keep your personal branding consistent by…

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