ATL Housewives’ Pretty Porsha; Being Black DOESN’T Mean That Parents Use Kid’s Social Security Number(s)


Los Angeles, 12/5/16 … It’s Monday, so that means my non-guilty pleasure, my ritual, of watching The Real Housewives of Atlanta has ended … until next Sunday’s episode. Can’t always watch every Sunday night, so I’m often binge-watching that and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

That being disclosed, my gentle outrage (if that isn’t an oxymoron) is directed at Miss Porsha, whom I really enjoy watching on whatever show she’s being featured on. I find her refreshingly sassy, and her transformation after her married life is to be commended. However, I must take to task her statement that insinuated and inferred that all black parents use their children’s social security numbers.

“You black ain’t ya?”

Those were the words she echoed in a discussion with another cast member, about parents illegally using the social security numbers of their offspring.

Whaaat!? What you talk’n ‘bout, Porsha?

Quite frankly, I’d never heard of such a thing until a few years ago; saw some documentary on the subject, and was shocked to learn there was not much of a legal consequence to such a parental action.

Could it be that I’m from ‘Mayberry’ where everyone came from a two-parent home, went to Sunday school and church, and immediately moved on to college elsewhere, never to return again? Indeed, that could be the case; but even after I ventured out, and lived bi-coastal, still, I’d never heard of this practice.

People have to survive, so this is not a judgement call, but I’m here to dispel the stereotype …

Being black doesn’t mean that a child’s social security number has been used by the parent.

Being black means a million different things, probably to a million different people, despite the fact that the media would have the world think that blacks are a monolithic group, all hailing from urban spheres in every major American city.

Nevertheless, Miss Porsha, stay pretty, stay exciting; but please cease and desist with such stereotypes.

Looking forward to your Red Carpet interviews, and will continue to enjoy your RHOA story-line.

(BTW: I might be the only viewer who doesn’t think Miss Porsha has an anger management issue. ) ###


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