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Is it enough to just Love One Another?

Another shooting, another mass outpouring of online support, love, anger, retort, blowback.

So much sound and fury.

So much nothing.

Early Sunday, in Orlando, Florida, not far from the happiest place on earth, a heavily-armed gunman walked into a popular gay night club and opened fire, killing 50 and injuring at least as many. It is the worst mass-shooting in U.S. history. It is also almost more than many of us can bear.

On Twitter and Facebook, we’re praying for Orlando and posting rainbow hearts. We preach love over hate.

“Love wins,” they say. Does it? Does it really?

Love does not stamp out hate. It doesn’t curb radicalism.

We’re talking about guns again. I guess that’s a good thing. Unless you consider all the other gun control conversations we had after Aurora, Newtown, San Bernardino.

They’re well intentioned theater. The outrage and pain is real, but nothing changes. Both sides dig in their heels.

Alongside our quest to change or protect gun laws, we’ll pore over the minutiae of the shooter, the seemingly normal and quiet young man who opened fire on innocent people.

His motives and motivation will be put under a microscope. We’ll explore his allegiance with ISIS and hatred for the LGBT community, but we’ll probably never understand what drove him to mass murder.

All of this will be played out in media and social media. Conversations outside this dark sphere will be shoved aside until there is no more to say.

This mass shooting, like all others, will eventually recede, becoming fuzzier and less painful for all but those who were directly affected.

The conversation will move on.

Nothing will be resolved.

Humankind will not learn. It will not elevate. It will not educate.

It will continue to look to the heavens for guidance and solace, while base desires of money, land, power, control and radicalism will drive those on earth.

Conversations among decided parties will never change the hearts and minds of those who seek to do us harm.

The instruments of death should be under lock and key, but where do you put the minds?

Where does hate start? How does someone become so disconnected from humanity that they can no longer see it in others? How do we make it stop?

Until we figure this out, nothing can be solved.

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