Hands on with Roku’s most affordable sound bar

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Ultra-thin, super high-resolution TVs have transformed our home entertainment experience, but have done so, generally, at the expense of quality sound.

Granted, I’m middle aged and probably have some hearing loss that makes it hard to hear the muffled voices that come from all my flat-screen TVs, but the booming sound bar industry makes it clear that I’m not the only one dissatisfied with the speakers that come with our newest 4K sets.

Expensive sound bars have become such an accepted part of the home theater setup that they usually have their own shelf or the TV screen is built high enough from the metal feet holding it up to make sure a 3-to-4-inch audio device doesn’t block the screen. …


Lance Ulanoff

Tech expert, journalist, social media commentator, amateur cartoonist and robotics fan.

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