Of course, it’s addictive, does that mean we need it any less?

Lately, I find myself compulsively cycling through my various social feeds, squeezing them dry of new posts and potential dopamine drips. Sometimes, I catch myself and realize I’ve seen every new post or that I’m desperately dragging down on the screen, hoping for a refresh that probably isn’t worth consuming.

An Optimum Wi-Fi Extender reminds me this company still hasn’t fixed its technology

In snail mail and texts, I got the news. My broadband and cable provider Optimum, Altice’s local cable company, which is bought in 2015, was sending me a free Wi-Fi Extender.

I was surprised. The company hadn’t done so much as ask me if I needed it — spoiler alert…

Lance Ulanoff

Tech expert, journalist, social media commentator, amateur cartoonist and robotics fan.

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